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Dedicated To Seeking Justice For Survivors Of Sexual Assault

My name is Konrad Kircher, and since 1992, I have represented victims of sexual assault throughout Ohio and helped them fight for justice through financial compensation. My fierce advocacy and honest, compassionate guidance helps my clients expose their perpetrators, feel a sense of validation and begin to heal from the trauma of being a sexual assault survivor.

Besides representing survivors of sexual assault, at my firm, Kircher Law, LLC, I also handle litigation involving:

I am known as a fierce advocate for and protector of the rights of victims, and I have secured millions of dollars for my clients.

How An Attorney Can Help After A Sexual Assault

It is the prosecutor’s job to charge the person who assaulted you with a crime, build a case for trial, work toward a conviction or guilty plea, and secure the maximum punishment appropriate under the law. Aside from reporting the assault and cooperating with the authorities, you might have little control over the criminal justice process. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the prosecutor will decide to pursue charges.

Civil litigation is another form of justice that puts the control in your hands. I can help you pursue financial damages for the physical, emotional and psychological effects your perpetrator’s sexual assault has caused. Because the standard of proof in civil litigation is lower than in a criminal case, a reasonable settlement or court verdict is often easier to reach. Besides securing compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more, a lawsuit can help expose your perpetrator to the public and help you feel heard.

This form of justice is only possible with an experienced and passionate civil rights attorney on your side. I am one of Ohio’s leading attorneys representing survivors of sexual assault. My understanding of the law and passion for justice will improve your chances of reaching the best outcome possible for your case. My compassionate guidance and advice can make an often-painful process easier.

Ohio’s Statute Of Limitations

Your time to file a lawsuit is limited by Ohio law. If you were an adult when you were assaulted, you have just two years from the date of the assault to begin the suit. Victims who were minors at the time have until 12 years from their 18th birthday. After the statute of limitations “tolls” or expires, you lose your right to sue.

Reach Out To A Trusted Sexual Assault Attorney

I invite you to contact me to schedule a consultation about sexual assault litigation, your rights and next steps. Call Kircher Law, LLC, at 888-725-0811 or use my online form if you prefer. Our conversation will be confidential.