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Seeking Justice On Behalf Of Child Sex Abuse Victims

I am attorney Konrad Kircher, and I have dedicated my legal practice to helping victims recover from sexual abuse. This is especially true for child sexual abuse victims, who might not have the capacity to hold an assailant accountable. If you were sexually abused as a child or you have a child who has suffered from sexual abuse, I advocate for abuse survivors. I founded Kircher Law, LLC, in Maineville to help hold sexual predators accountable for their actions in civil court.

Holding Sexual Predators Accountable Through Civil Lawsuits

When a child is sexually abused by a person of authority in their lives, they experience significant trauma at a soul level. It can take an entire team of professionals to help that child begin to heal the trauma. I serve child survivors as a piece of that team by fighting on their behalf to hold their assailants accountable under the civil laws in the state of Ohio. I help child victims of sexual abuse who have experienced:

Criminal courts hold child sexual predators accountable for their actions. Convicted sex offenders serve jail time and pay fines to the criminal court system for the state of Ohio. They are also required to register as sex offenders. In other words, convicted sexual predators pay a debt to society through the criminal court system when they are found guilty. However, by using the civil court system, I can help hold sexual predators accountable to the actual child or children that they traumatized as well.

Burden Of Proof For Civil Court

Our state and country’s constitution affords a defendant certain constitutional protections, like the assumption of innocence until proven guilty. In the state of Ohio, in the criminal court system, a prosecutor must prove the defendant’s guilt to a jury beyond a reasonable doubt. There are no such constitutional concerns in civil court. In other words, it is easier to hold an abuser accountable for their actions in civil court. In a civil action for child sex abuse, the burden of proof is a preponderance of the evidence. This means that the plaintiff must show that the alleged perpetrator was more likely than not to have committed the assault on the child. If a sexual predator was not convicted in criminal court, holding the alleged assailant accountable in civil court can help a victim find justice.

Statute Of Limitations And Filing Deadlines For Civil Child Sexual Abuse Cases In Ohio

When sexual abuse happens to a child and it is unknown and undiscovered, it can take that child years to come to terms with what happened and to understand the nature of their trauma. As a result, the state of Ohio sets forth that a child victim of sexual abuse can file a claim for damages in civil court any time before the age of 30.

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