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In The News

For more than two decades, I have dedicated myself and my career to representing victims of child sexual abuse and bringing abusers to justice in civil court. My name is Konrad Kircher, a former Marine infantry officer and a leader in helping those who have suffered sexual assault and other cruel forms of abuse use the legal system to hold their wrongdoers accountable. At Kircher Law, LLC, I handle private actions against individuals as well as civil rights violations against police officers and public officials who have harmed people.

I have been honored to have my work featured in several publications discussing the work that I do on behalf of victims. These articles are a sample of the representation that I offer to people and how I can help them.

I Am Here To Help

Every victim deserves an advocate who can be their voice and fight back on their behalf. I am proud of the work I have done to bring justice and healing to many victims, and I promise to continue fighting for everyone who needs me. If you would like to learn how I can help you, please reach out to me.

You can call my office at Kircher Law, LLC, to have a private and respectful conversation with me. When you reach out to me, I promise to treat you with empathy, compassion and understanding during all of our discussions. You may also send me a message through my website if you would be more comfortable doing so.