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Protecting Crime Victims’ Rights In Ohio

Victims have rights. I am attorney Konrad Kircher, and I have dedicated my law practice to supporting victims of sexual assaults, child sex abuse and civil rights violations. I founded Kircher Law, LLC, in Maineville to advocate on behalf of survivors throughout Ohio, and I help them hold their assailants and abusers accountable for their actions in civil court.

Civil Lawsuits For Victims Of Crimes

Civil lawsuits for sexual assault, child sex abuse, often filed under the personal injury laws in the state of Ohio. However, these lawsuits are not your typical personal injury cases. When someone suffers from a broken bone or a physical injury, bones and bodies can heal. When a victim suffers a sexual attack, damage occurs at a soul level, and I believe these damages are far greater and more difficult to heal. Healing can take a team. I serve as part of that team by helping victims hold their assailants accountable for their actions.

Constitutional Protection For Crime Victims And Marsy’s Law

Article 1, Section 10(a) of the Ohio Constitution sets forth the Victims’ Bill of Rights, often referred to as Marsy’s Law. Marsy’s Law spells out the specific fundamental rights that victims have, some of which are inherent and automatic while others have to be specifically requested. Victims of sexual discrimination in school settings, even if it doesn’t rise to the level of criminal sexual assault, still have rights under Title IX, a federal law that prohibits discrimination based on sex or gender. I want all my clients to know what their rights are as victims, and I will help my clients enforce those rights.

Consult With A Victims’ Rights Lawyer For Free

At Kircher Law, I offer clients a free initial consultation. During this appointment, we will discuss the facts of your case, and I will answer any of your questions. To schedule your free appointment, you can call my office at 888-725-0811 or send me an email using my online website form.