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Civil Lawsuits For Sexual Abuse In Schools

Child abuse and child sexual abuse can take a variety of forms in a school setting, and none of it is anything a parent ever wants to hear. I am Konrad Kircher, and, as a sex abuse attorney, I have dedicated my legal practice to helping survivors of sex abuse hold their assailants accountable for their actions. I founded Kircher Law, LLC, in Maineville to help victims throughout Ohio seek damages in civil lawsuits for sexual abuse.

Identifying School Sex Abuse

School sexual abuse is generally defined as the sexual abuse of a K-12 student by a school or district employee. Abuse can be physical or nonphysical and can include:

  • Showing sexual material to a student
  • Making inappropriate sexual comments to a student
  • Masturbating or exposure
  • Asking a student to expose or touch themselves
  • Taking inappropriate sexual photos or videos of a child
  • Inappropriate touching, kissing or fondling
  • Sexual intercourse with an underage student
  • Sexual assault, rape or attempted rape

A sexual relationship between a school employee and a minor child or underage student is never appropriate and is categorized as school sexual abuse. In the state of Ohio, the age of consent is 16. However, any sexual relationship between and teacher or coach and a minor student, regardless of age, is considered child sex abuse and consent does not apply.

Holding Schools And School Districts Accountable

In addition, schools may be held liable for the actions of their teachers. If a school doesn’t take complaints about a teacher seriously, fails to conduct a background check or fails to provide proper training and education for its teachers, they may be held accountable as a third-party.

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